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The Spicy Bride Hosts: A Zoom Wedding

Melissa Johnson, Spicy Bride Co-Founder 

1. Take Your Guest List Seriously  

Your digital guest list should be taken as seriously as your in-person guest list. Be unapologetic in your decisions. Just because Zoom may have a large guest limit, doesn’t mean you should! Invite with intention and make sure all guests feel welcomed and invited.

2. Have a Secure Timeline   

The days leading up to your wedding can have unexpected circumstances (as we all know!) – have your plan and invite timeline set, just like you would an in-person event.  

“Our wedding took place in Minneapolis on Saturday May 30th, 2020 – still fairly early in the pandemic and on the heels of civil unrest originating (there). As a result of the commotion in the days leading up to our backyard wedding, we did not put enough thought into the “virtual” guest list. It was not until two days before the ceremony did we start emailing friends and family the Zoom details.” – Daniel + Frankie  

3. Assign a Digital Communication Manager  

Have a member of your Bridal Party send out the Zoom link and manage RSVPs. The last thing you need to worry about leading up to your wedding is email bounce-backs!  

“We relied too heavily on not-tech-savvy members of our family to forward on the details to cousins and family friends. Ultimately, we were happy with our experience but in the days and weeks that followed we slowly learned of people who did not receive the proper communication.” – Daniel + Frankie  

4. Test!!

Test your event link the night before! Host a digital rehearsal dinner and teach the new-to-Zoom guests how to mute/unmute and navigate any features you’d like captured (e.g. a chat as your digital guest book perhaps). The test event should be the same time length as your ceremony. You don’t want to get cut off by digital time limits before the event ends. Even if a few people join in on your test, you will have the assurance everything is good to go for the big moment! 

5. Have a Virtual Host for the Wedding  

Assign a trusted friend or cousin to host the virtual ceremony. Have the Host welcome everyone online, give an overview of when to mute/unmute, and how long they can expect to be dialed in. The Host should check camera angles and sound as well. When the couple is announced for the first time- have guests unmute and participate in a group cheer! 

6. Make Yourselves a Blockbuster

Give some extra tech love to grandparents or those who could have trouble accessing your livestream by letting them know it will be recorded, as well. Make a plan to upload the file to a shared folder and ask your Host or Communication Manager to share with all guests. If you want to edit or highlight parts of the wedding, you or your tech-savvy friend can dive in post-celebrations.

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