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The Spicy Bride Show: Holiday Stress Tips for Pandemic Brides featuring Sarah Rosner

The Spicy Bride Project is a digital community for pandemic brides. The Spicy Bride Show is a lively virtual catch-up with the amazing people in our lives we know can make a positive impact on yours during this process.

The Spicy Bride Show – Episode 2 features Stress Management Coach, Sarah Rosner and her Holiday stress tips for Pandemic Brides. Sarah is a Stress Management Coach, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Injury Prevention Specialist, STOTT Pilates and NASM-CPT trainer. Click here to watch the episode!

She and Spicy co-founder Amelia discuss different tips and tricks brides can turn to during this crazy time of heightened stress. See below for our recap! 

Tips for Brides dealing with stressful conversations over the holidays:

  1. Stay aligned with your finance. Be each other’s support system and communicate openly. 
  2. Assign family members a Wedding task. This not only keeps people busy from asking questions you don’t have answers to, it makes people part of the process and crosses things off your checklist! Even something small like collecting photos for your website can make people feel included in your big day. 
  3. Communicate about what you know right now. Things are changing every day- even acknowledging that you don’t have things 100% sorted out, (but you are working on it!) helps ease stressful conversations. Send an email if you aren’t seeing people. Commit to communication. 
  4. Plan an activity during your holiday get together or virtual party. This can help divert attention off of wedding talk and gives everyone a reminder to focus on the present. Find fun, healthy options for balance and joy!
  5. Be honest. Vulnerability is powerful, tell your family how you really feel. Being honest is the most direct way to communicate and will lead to a positive and productive talk. 
  6. Ask your family how THEY are doing. When you start getting 101 wedding questions and start to feel overwhelmed- turn the conversation into a two-way experience. Ask people how they are doing.. the chances are other members of your family have major life stressors they are dealing with too and talking it out could help you both! 
  7. Ask for help! Your family may be too timid to offer help but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask. They might not know where to start. Be open with your family and friends and ask for help when you need it. Getting some things off your to-do list will be good for you! 

Sarah’s top de-stress tips:

  1. Identify your stressors. Take inventory of your daily activity – What is working? What isn’t? 
  2. Breathe. Remember to take a deep breathe. Sit quietly and be present with yourself. 
  3. Take a walk. Go on a soul walk. Put your phone away and take in the fresh air and clear your head. 

At the end of the day, remember what truly matters. In times when so much uncertainty has come into our lives, embrace it as much as you can and don’t forget to breathe in the love. 

You can learn all about Sarah’s offerings on her website: or via IG @sarahalyssecoaching Sarah is the host of the ‘Stress Free SOULutions’ podcast available on Apple and Spotify.

Click here to watch the episode!

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