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The Spicy Bride Show- Episode 4

Watch Episode 4: Here The Spicy Bride Show: Episode 4 – Engagements! Congratulations to all of our new Spicy Brides out there! We adore you, and this episode is dedicated to sharing those joyful memories…and soaking it all in. Founders Amelia and Melissa chat engagements in Episode 4!!

The Spicy Bride Show- Episode 3

Watch Episode 3: Here The Spicy Bride Show- Episode 3 “Spice Up Your Wedding Look” The Spicy Bride Show is BACK! Call it a sizzle reel. It’s short, it’s spicy, and we’re hoping it inspires you! Spicy Bride Stylist @imcoachkate manages @rbc_showroom. She shows us a few ways you can customize your basic wedding look withContinue reading “The Spicy Bride Show- Episode 3”

The Spicy Bride Show- Episode 2

Watch episode 2: Here The Spicy Bride Show – Episode 2 features Stress Management Coach, Sarah Rosner and her Holiday stress tips for Pandemic Brides. Are you and your S/O prepared to face your families and their potential wedding questions? Listen in for Sarah’s very helpful tips for navigating difficult wedding conversations during the Holidays.Continue reading “The Spicy Bride Show- Episode 2”

5 Spicy Tips for Newly Engaged Brides

CONGRATULATIONS you’re getting married!! We’ve put together our top 5 Spicy Tips for newly engaged pandemic brides. Soak it all in. Something REALLY EXCITING just happened to you! Take time to live in the moment and enjoy it with your fiancé. (Editors Note: My fiancé actually gave me a 2 week moratorium on talking aboutContinue reading “5 Spicy Tips for Newly Engaged Brides”

The Spicy Bride Show: Holiday Stress Tips for Pandemic Brides featuring Sarah Rosner

The Spicy Bride Project is a digital community for pandemic brides. The Spicy Bride Show is a lively virtual catch-up with the amazing people in our lives we know can make a positive impact on yours during this process. The Spicy Bride Show – Episode 2 features Stress Management Coach, Sarah Rosner and her Holiday stressContinue reading “The Spicy Bride Show: Holiday Stress Tips for Pandemic Brides featuring Sarah Rosner”

The Spicy Bride Project

We’re glad you’re here. We know it sucks to plan a wedding affected by the pandemic because we did it, too. We helped each other through some of the stressful, tiresome and uncertain times because we knew we could get creative and pull off something amazing with our circumstances. And then we kept finding moreContinue reading “The Spicy Bride Project”

The Spicy Bride Hosts: A Zoom Wedding

Melissa Johnson, Spicy Bride Co-Founder  1. Take Your Guest List Seriously   Your digital guest list should be taken as seriously as your in-person guest list. Be unapologetic in your decisions. Just because Zoom may have a large guest limit, doesn’t mean you should! Invite with intention and make sure all guests feel welcomed and invited.Continue reading “The Spicy Bride Hosts: A Zoom Wedding”